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Exeter Window Cleaning Services & More


  • Moore & Franks Exeter Window Cleaning service is dependable and first-rate quality
  • We are comprehensively insured and carry Workman’s Compensation
  • Moore & Franks staff (where appropriate) use environmentally safe, biodegradable chemicals and solutions which are approved for commercial use
  • Our employees are extensively trained in job safety and follow all HSE and environmental guidelines
  • Moore & Franks Exeter Window Cleaning crews are always on time, in uniform and ready to clean your windows!

When you need an Exeter window Cleaner call us at 01392 964096 and we’ll be happy to schedule your FREE Quotation.

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Exeter Window and Gutter Cleaning
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Professional Inside & Outside Cleaning Solutions for Domestic & Commercial


Moore & Franks Exeter Window Cleaning is a service oriented company specialising in professional window cleaning. We have the experience and expertise to accomplish all types of jobs in an efficient manner.

We provide prompt, friendly and affordable window cleaning service for residential and commercial customers of all Exeter and surrounding areas, including Cullompton, Tiverton, Exmouth, Budleigh, Woodbury, Broadclyst, Silverton, Topsham and Clyst St Mary. Our on-site estimates are always free.

Professional Gutter Clearance Solutions for Your Home or Business


If you have improperly installed gutters, your home is in jeopardy! This is especially true in climates such as Exeter.

Rains bring water into your home and commercial property, causing rot damage to exterior doors, windows, and other wood which can result in extensive damage and expensive repair work.

The water can also damage landscaping and even your foundation.

It doesn’t stop there: clogged gutters and drains are just as serious for your home.

A blocked gutter passage will send water where it doesn’t belong. In fact, a dirty gutter is worse than no gutters at all!

Domestic and Commercial Power Washing Specialists


Want to freshen up the exterior of your home or commercial property? Whether you want to clean up your patio, driveway or outdoor deck; professional power washing is the best way to bring back the just-like-new sparkle. Moore & Franks offer quality power washing at affordable rates in Exeter, Topsham (list all areas covered.

Over time, even the most expensive exterior surfaces can start to look faded and dirty. If that’s the case for you, power washing is the solution to freshen up your exterior without breaking the bank. Our experienced power washing Exeter professionals restore your property’s sparkle.

From driveways, to outdoor patios, to garages, you name it; we’ve got you covered. Moore & Franks provide competitive and affordable rates so you can revive your home and commercial property, without breaking your budget.

Moore & Franks is the fully licensed and insured company you can rely on. With hundreds of power washing projects completed, we’ve established a track record for success. Over the years we’ve racked up many 5 Star or Grade A reviews across the web. Moore & Franks is the team to call for all your power washing needs.

Professional Outside Facia & Cladding Cleaning Solutions


Fascia and cladding cleaning is an essential part of any maintenance programme. It is clear to see that this type of finish is not maintenance free and our Fascia and cladding Cleaning Service can help keep your building in top condition and looking its best for many years to come.

Due to environmental conditions, algae, moss, lichen and fungi can begin to colonise on the fascia and cladding, making the exterior surface of buildings appear dirty or in need of painting.

Using a non-aggressive Biocide cleaning agent we can restore the fascia and clad surfaces, eliminating the need for painting and associated access costs.

Unlike other exterior cleaning methods, the product we use not only helps to remove the algae and spores but also has the residual benefit of keeping the surfaces of the fascia and cladding cleaner for longer.

We offer this service throughout Exeter, Topsham and surrounding areas.

Facia And Cladding Cleaning

Pristine Roof Washing Experts


A detergent-based, liquid roof cleaning solution that removes dirt and dissolves, agitates and sanitises Moss, Algae & Lichens on roofs, preventing them from growing back. Can be applied from ground level to a height of up to two storeys.

  • Kills & Sanitises Algae, Moss & Lichens - Preventing Regrowth
  • Reduces long-term Roof Cleaning costs by up to 3x
  • Roofs can be Guaranteed to remain clean for up to 5 Years
  • Low environmental impact, using less water
  • Zero damage to Roof surface or materials

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions – Domestic and Commercial


Solar panel conversion efficiency can be reduced by as much 30% by dust, grime, pollen, and other particulates that accumulate on the solar panel.

Heavy pollen season areas can experience even larger reductions in solar panel conversion efficiency.

Moore & Franks can clean your solar panels safely, effectively and without damage.

We help you continue to recoup your solar investment at up to 30% faster by keeping your solar panels clean. Ask us about our discounted Solar Panel Maintenance Program.

Recent Projects

Moore & Franks complete projects for both residential and commercial customers with expert advice, outstanding service, and competitive prices.

Take a look at some pictures of recent jobs completed.

1. Years of experience
2. Free no-obligation quotations
3. 100% customer service and attention to detail
4. Competitive pricing.
5. We use environmentally safe, biodegradable chemicals and solutions
which are approved for commercial use. (where appropriate)
6. Always on time, in uniform and ready to clean your windows!
7. We aim for minimal mess and disruption
8. Comprehensively insured and carry Workman’s Compensation
9. Extensively trained in job safety and follow all HSE and environmental guidelines
10. Guaranteed Quality of Work

What are you waiting for? We love what we do and it shows in our work.
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