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Fascia, soffit and cladding cleaning are an essential part of any maintenance programme.

Domestic fascia, soffit and cladding cleaning has differing needs from commercial. Our team is experienced with the demands of both aspects.

It is clear to see that this type of finish is not maintenance free and our fascia and cladding cleaning service can help keep your building in top condition and looking its best all year round.

Due to environmental conditions, algae, moss, lichen and fungi can begin to colonise on the fascia and cladding, making the exterior surface of buildings appear dirty or in need of painting.

Using a non-aggressive Biocide cleaning agent we can restore the fascia and clad surfaces, eliminating the need for painting and associated access costs.

Unlike other exterior cleaning methods, the product we use not only kills algae and spores but also has the residual benefit of keeping the surfaces of the fascia and cladding cleaner for longer.

We offer this service throughout Exeter, Topsham and surrounding area’s.


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Domestic and Commercial – Fascia and Cladding Cleaning


How much does your Fascia, Soffit and Cladding Cleaning cost?

We provide fast, free quotes with no hidden extras or nasty surprises. That’s why our clients keep us around for years, even for ever.

What do you use to clean Fascias,  Soffits and Cladding?

We use specialist UPVC cleaning agents. Everything we use is

  • Non-abrasive
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Safe for children, staff, pets and wildlife.

In some cases, we recommend using high pressure water or steam to reach higher levels and to ensure the best possible finish. Our work is always completed by hand.

Do you clean the inside of my gutter?

Yes we can do, our gutter cleaning service includes the removal  of all the debris from inside the gutter system.

Fascias, soffits, and cladding cleaning is for the cleaning of all exterior faces.

What if my property is very dirty?

99% of the time we are able to restore your property to look like new again.

Of course, there are some exceptions. For example, when UPVC is stained, It can be very difficult to remove, If not impossible. Some people may sand away the staining and re polish the plastic. This is not recommended though as it can after a few short months become more noticeable.

Fascia Cleaning In Exeter

How Much Does Our Exeter Fascia Cleaning Cost?

  • Terraced House

    from £70 +VAT

  • Bungalow Gutter Clearing


    From £80 +VAT

  • Semi Detached Gutter Clearing


    from £80 +VAT

  • 3 Storey House Gutter Clearance

    3 Storey House

    from £90 +VAT

  • Detached Gutter Clearance


    3 Bed from £90 +VAT
    4 Bed from £100 +VAT

  • Conservatory Gutter Cleaning


    from £15 +VAT

Commercial Fascia Cleaning

Estates | Churches | Factories & Warehouses | Offices | Schools | Shops | Restaurants

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Why use Moore and Franks – The External Cleaners in Exeter:

We’re experts: We’ve been cleaning windows for a long time and passing the skills down from generation to generation.

We Care: We’re a respected family-run business and care about every customer and every window we clean.

We’re trusted: Our team are trusted by commercial and residential customers who allow us access into their homes and businesses every day.

Safety first: Our High Reach Water-fed window cleaning poles allow us to clean 35ft – that’s about 10.6 metres, Which means we can reach a 4 storey building safely from the ground

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