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Artificial Grass Cleaning

Restore, Clean, Maintain and Remove Odor Causing Bacteria from your Artificial Grass!

Moore & Franks Exeter Artificial Grass Cleaning is a service oriented company specialising in professional exterior cleaning . We have the experience and expertise to accomplish all types of jobs in an efficient manner.

We provide prompt, friendly and affordable artificial Grass cleaning service for residential and commercial customers of all Exeter and surrounding areas.

Our on-site estimates are always detailed, no-obligation and free of charge.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

TurfFresh Application

14 Day Warranty

400 sq ft. Included

Kid-Friendly + Pet Safe


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You don’t clean your carpet once a year… your turf is no different.

With years of experience in the artificial turf industry, we know exactly what needs to be performed during our turf restoration process to give the best value and quality. All of our quotes include all the steps necessary to complete the restoration.

Artificial Grass Odor Cleaning
Artificial Grass Cleaning

Odor Solution without the Pollution
Don't mask pet odors, remove them.

Turf Reblooming

Your cleaning starts with debris removal and turf reblooming. In this process, it will improve the drainage of your turf and remove pet hair and ground-in waste that help flush the turf of contaminants.

Detailed Inspection

Our technicians do a thorough inspection of the condition of the turf. They will tuck edges that may have lifted, or do minor adjustments to the turf to restore its condition. We also remove any weeds that occur due to normal erosion and sediment.

TurFill Application

We’ll apply our TurFill product that acts as a filter for the ammonia smell in pet urine, preventing any new odors from occurring. Our average service includes 100 lbs of new infill ( $100 value).

Apply TurFresh

Finally, we’ll apply our TurFresh BioS+ bacteria fighting cleaner and deodorizer, leaving your turf smelling fresh. We use enough product to ensure that we penetrate all the way to the base layer of your turf system.

Child Safe Artifical Grass Cleaning

Why use Moore and Franks – The Window Cleaners in Exeter:

We’re experts: We’ve been cleaning windows for a long time and passing the skills down from generation to generation.

We Care: We’re a respected family-run business and care about every customer and every window we clean.

We’re trusted: Our team are trusted by commercial and residential customers who allow us access into their homes and businesses every day.

Safety first: Our High Reach Water-fed window cleaning poles allow us to clean 35ft – that’s about 10.6 metres, Which means we can reach a 4 storey building safely from the ground

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